Taiwan from Southern to Northern by bailey cheng

According to the mainland Chinese, Taiwan also have a nick name as the treasure island. I take it it means a beautiful place and nice people. Ok, enough of this promotion. Now let's talk about it from my perspective. Upon arrival into Tainan, I learn that this country have strict rules as we we landed intentionally at one of military airport. Luckily I manage to snap a couple and of course i did this before they had a chance to stop me.  

It was a clear day with blue sky, all you can see is farmland out the window, and already we were on our way to Taichung which is located in the middle of Taiwan! The sunset was seen at Kaomei wetland, one thing special is that it was the first time I see the sun actually setting behind the horizon. Oh did I point out that we still haven't checkin at the hotel yet! 

Moving on next day or a day after I forgot...the morning call was at 0300! nevertheless to say you know I was going to sunrise again! didn't turn out turn to be something wow, but hey it's still worth it. 

Ok, so basically the trip consist of sunset --> sunrise (Hehuan Mountain)--> sunset (Hehuan Mountain) and back to sunrise also saw some interesting sights along the way but didn't got the idea shot on things like parachuted and cat's playing with the frog! 

On the last day again we' hope on the bus and heading to Taipei before checking in at the airport oh and I found a spot like e-reading library to do some plane spotting!

Sorry about the noise in some of the shots.


Tai Lam Chung Reservoir by bailey cheng

There are couple reservoir here in Hong Kong, what makes this one stand out? Well this is contains numerous islands! The view here is unbeatable! It's just that the best view point requires a bit of hiking and for some it means climbing! 

But that wouldn't stop any of your guys from going? Right?! Should you intend to visit this place, make sure you have plenty of time to hike and explore around the area! As you wouldn't want to miss anything interesting while you there!


Jiuzhaigou by bailey cheng

Landscape is an interesting thing, you can sit there and do nothing while listening to the wind, or on the other hand like me, going crazy with that camera of mine! Make it two this time! Good old 6D and precious D810! 

Juzhaigou a place I've heard on numerous occasions. Couple weeks ago i finally had the time to visit this haven on earth! Just for you information I went there during the low season. Just so that I can to see this place differently. 

During the three day trip, I went to three different places, all with pretty much sight and of course another thing all in common it's altitude starting from 2100! I think the highest point during the trip was 3908! Got altitude sickness that day! 

Ok back to photos, believe it or not one of the best photos I capture was onboard the tour bus, which runs from A to B within the place. If you have time, you should go and visit this place too!


Swimming Shed by bailey cheng

What do you think when you hear the word swimming. Swimming Pool, Beach or just Ocean! This time I'm at one of the swimming shed, here it's nothing  more than a little walkway towards the sea. 

This place is beautiful and famous for it's sunset and relaxing mood. Whether you need sometime along to yourself or you're crazy in love with your other half. Or just here for photography purpose.

Turns out there is a another place to see the sunset, however you can't see the shed from such angle. Again we've learn that exploring around your destination is crusuial, as you just don't know what might be around the corner! 

Lantau Peak by bailey cheng

Reaching a height of 934m this place is the highest point you can reach in Hong Kong, and we all know what this means! This time I'm ready to hike up and see the sunrise! Although it's just regular weekend, surprisingly many people are hiking! 

We start the hike around 0145 and reach the peak at 0405. The hike was easy on the front half and gets harder as it goes. By the time we reach 934m, many people were already station there! Everything I carry to keep my body warm was fully utilized!

Due to the height, this mountain and surrounding by fog most of the year, some said you need to hike up at less 10 times to see a beautiful sunrise from here. So I guess you really need luck to reduce this number!

The sunrise i saw this day was nothing WOW. So i had to get down low and see it from a different angle to make this interesting. Howe do you like hiking, do you have any good place to recommend for photos?

Did you spot the aircraft?

This is what we came for!

Sunday Morning

Congregation by bailey cheng

It's the time of the year when student finally finished their studies and put on their Square academic cap! Today is my turn again, and to be believe it's the third time. On the aspect of photo one can look great on their own. 

However group photo is a must in such occasions. Grab a little props it can really spices things up or try different style of photo posing for example lie down on the ground and get a shot from above! 

Sunset Peak by bailey cheng

Since Eason Chan's new CD cover, Sunset Peak is getting really popular, many rush from all over Hong Kong to a pay visit to this land of wonder because of it's golden grass! The hike is relatively easy but that's only if you workout regularly. 

The first half is filled with endless steps and one definitely need to be mentally strong and have stamina to conquer such mountain. It's a beautiful place and worth a visit. Here are some shots from yesterday.

On the way up!

Golden land

 stunning sunset for sure

stunning sunset for sure

Southern Hong Kong - Ap Lei Pai by bailey cheng

When you heard the word 'Hong Kong' you think of apartment and city! Also known as the financial hub of Asia to some but now is overtaking by Singapore. Anyway within this diverse place there are many place hidden aways in the green. Some need to hike numerous hours, while other takes just under an hour. 

Today I would like to introduce a place called  Ap Lei Pai. It's a small hill right next to Yuk Kwai Shan. The hike only take around 15 minutes from ground level to the top of Yuk Kwai Shan. But it's rather steep! And I really mean it. Luckily there is rope for you to grab. 

Jazz Night by bailey cheng

Let's make this clear, I'm not really a Jazz person at all. But I don't mind listening to it all. As long as I don't have to listen to it day all day long! Out of curiosity I looked it up on Google and found out that, for some reason most of the Jazz shots are in black and white.

My guesses are since the band is playing in an environment with the lights dim, it will be better turn the shots into mono and get more details out of it. On the other hand Black and White also tend to give people a strong feeling and connection towards the image.

So without further delay here is two image from the Jazz Night. Let me know what you think, and would you turn your images to black and white? And what's your reason for it.

The lead singer

The band

Fine tune you photos by bailey cheng

Nowadays smartphone is for everyone. We use the camera and other apps to take pics for selfie, food, friends, and of course when we go on a hike and too lazy to bring that big DSLR. For me I use iphone, today I did like to share with you some photograph apps with you.

One of my all time favor is Snapseed. It's slider allows you to fine turn the image the easy way. Apart from that it also gives you option such as adding text and have more than 10 filters to choose from. For more information please visit the link below to download.

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snapseed/id439438619?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.niksoftware.snapseed

Oh and it's FREE!

To get started I strong encourage you to try out the HDR filter, try it with with image and see the result with it! How do you like the app, and whats you favor filter?

Here is one of my image with HDR result.