Fine tune you photos / by bailey cheng

Nowadays smartphone is for everyone. We use the camera and other apps to take pics for selfie, food, friends, and of course when we go on a hike and too lazy to bring that big DSLR. For me I use iphone, today I did like to share with you some photograph apps with you.

One of my all time favor is Snapseed. It's slider allows you to fine turn the image the easy way. Apart from that it also gives you option such as adding text and have more than 10 filters to choose from. For more information please visit the link below to download.



Oh and it's FREE!

To get started I strong encourage you to try out the HDR filter, try it with with image and see the result with it! How do you like the app, and whats you favor filter?

Here is one of my image with HDR result.