Lantau Peak / by bailey cheng

Reaching a height of 934m this place is the highest point you can reach in Hong Kong, and we all know what this means! This time I'm ready to hike up and see the sunrise! Although it's just regular weekend, surprisingly many people are hiking! 

We start the hike around 0145 and reach the peak at 0405. The hike was easy on the front half and gets harder as it goes. By the time we reach 934m, many people were already station there! Everything I carry to keep my body warm was fully utilized!

Due to the height, this mountain and surrounding by fog most of the year, some said you need to hike up at less 10 times to see a beautiful sunrise from here. So I guess you really need luck to reduce this number!

The sunrise i saw this day was nothing WOW. So i had to get down low and see it from a different angle to make this interesting. Howe do you like hiking, do you have any good place to recommend for photos?

Did you spot the aircraft?

This is what we came for!

Sunday Morning