Jiuzhaigou / by bailey cheng

Landscape is an interesting thing, you can sit there and do nothing while listening to the wind, or on the other hand like me, going crazy with that camera of mine! Make it two this time! Good old 6D and precious D810! 

Juzhaigou a place I've heard on numerous occasions. Couple weeks ago i finally had the time to visit this haven on earth! Just for you information I went there during the low season. Just so that I can to see this place differently. 

During the three day trip, I went to three different places, all with pretty much sight and of course another thing all in common it's altitude starting from 2100! I think the highest point during the trip was 3908! Got altitude sickness that day! 

Ok back to photos, believe it or not one of the best photos I capture was onboard the tour bus, which runs from A to B within the place. If you have time, you should go and visit this place too!