Taiwan from Southern to Northern / by bailey cheng

According to the mainland Chinese, Taiwan also have a nick name as the treasure island. I take it it means a beautiful place and nice people. Ok, enough of this promotion. Now let's talk about it from my perspective. Upon arrival into Tainan, I learn that this country have strict rules as we we landed intentionally at one of military airport. Luckily I manage to snap a couple and of course i did this before they had a chance to stop me.  

It was a clear day with blue sky, all you can see is farmland out the window, and already we were on our way to Taichung which is located in the middle of Taiwan! The sunset was seen at Kaomei wetland, one thing special is that it was the first time I see the sun actually setting behind the horizon. Oh did I point out that we still haven't checkin at the hotel yet! 

Moving on next day or a day after I forgot...the morning call was at 0300! nevertheless to say you know I was going to sunrise again! didn't turn out turn to be something wow, but hey it's still worth it. 

Ok, so basically the trip consist of sunset --> sunrise (Hehuan Mountain)--> sunset (Hehuan Mountain) and back to sunrise also saw some interesting sights along the way but didn't got the idea shot on things like parachuted and cat's playing with the frog! 

On the last day again we' hope on the bus and heading to Taipei before checking in at the airport oh and I found a spot like e-reading library to do some plane spotting!

Sorry about the noise in some of the shots.